Driveway of each house is often the first thing people will see of your home and as always the first impression counts then adding a few finishing touches to it can really make a huge deference on the house. No matter whether your property is old or new, traditional or modern, you are landlord or tenant we are going through all the steps together to turn the driveway into dreamy pathway. We are providing variety of product with different price, which makes your life easier to decide what suits you. We understand that the important part of each project is to get everything right from the begging to make sure the result would be outstanding, therefore, we have specialist who have years of experience in the job so you can rest assured about the result.

ARDECO’s services includes:

Decking , Retaining , Fencing , Patio and Paving , Turf , Garden design and other services.


We install all sorts of decking designs whether it’s to extend the space outside your garden doors, make a small on front door, make a balcony, building playground for kids or to create a BBQ area, all decking is carried out by our experts who always take care and pride in their work.

Decking can be very cost effective solution to extending your outdoor and making new sphere to enjoy your time with family. It also provides a simple solution for changes in level, with minimal wet construction and site excavation, Decking can be easily modified or extended at a later date. Either you need to make a better path for elderly or want to have a ramp for wheelchair, we can remove the deck at any time or replace it with alternative options.


One of the most common challenges that people have in these days with their properties is, they are built on un-even ground which causes back gardens to slope in one direction or another, a solution to this is retaining. Which retaining can come in so many different ways and formats whether its in log roll, timber sleepers or brick. Our professional team member works closely with our clients to understand their needs and will come up with a solution to address any sort of slope so upon completion there will be an accessible garden ready to enjoy.

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