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London-based experts in CCTV installation

Having been in the CCTV installation business for 15 years, we can advise on the best security system for you and your budget.

Security cameras in London and cities throughout the UK are becoming increasingly common, as well as in homes and commercial properties. They are an essential tool in protecting people, property, and assets.

Our installers offer a comprehensive expert service on all types of CCTV systems. Whether you need a single security camera monitoring one point of entry through to a sophisticated video surveillance package that monitors every access point in your home or business.

All our CCTV systems can integrate with Access Control and Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems. And if you need multi-site access control from a single central monitoring station controlling gates, doors, and barriers, we can link it all together.

Our contractors can access your current Perimeter Intruder Protection and offer advice on anti-climb walls and fences and security lighting to complement security cameras, or as a standalone deterrent.



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  • Integration

CCTV cameras in your household or business have various uses.

Internal and External Access Control – the camera can be activated if a door is unlocked or if a camera is already active, it can be set to run at a higher frame rate and quality of resolution. Both working room lights and security lighting can be turned on.

Emergency Situations – CCTV can be used in your home or commercial property to confirm the extent of a fire or intrusion.

Walls and Fences – cameras positioned at the perimeter of a site, to monitor walls and fences and other intruder hotspots.

Pedestrian/Vehicle Gates – use CCTV to grant automatic entry or extra verification via Access Control Mechanisms such as card readers and or facial recognition.

  • Applications

There is a vast range of CCTV system hardware available:

  • Simple intercom cameras
  • Multi-direction dome cameras
  • Long distance and low light cameras


Our installers are familiar with all the major security camera and systems suppliers. They will design and implement a surveillance solution that suits your current and future requirements.


  • Wired vs Wireless Systems

Wireless CCTV systems are becoming “the norm” these days. They use the internet to transmit images back to a central hub which feeds smaller devices like mobile phones.

Wired CCTV systems are the most common and cheapest type of camera.  However, having visible wiring makes disabling the camera easier.


  • Integrity

If you have wireless security cameras the base can suffer from ‘’chatter’’ and can be blocked by metal structures and thick walls.

ARDECO’s advanced video surveillance systems and networking capabilities ensure this won’t happen and your property is protected.
Any IP-enabled device is open to hacking whether it is wired or wireless. ARDECO’s surveillance solutions all include the latest in encryption protection.

  • Image Quality

Our CCTV installers recommend the use of high-resolution security cameras (with up to 30-megapixel CCDs using CMOS chipsets) for protecting your property.

The efficiency of a camera is judged by the size and type of chip it uses. Cameras with smaller chips pick up less light, and therefore produce lower quality images. The light sensitively is measured in Lux, which can range from 130,000 to 0.001 – the lower the Lux the better the camera will record.

High-quality images – sufficiently clear for someone to be identified are needed if CCTV footage is to be used as evidence in court. For the best detail, high resolution is required. High resolution means large files and slower transmission to an end storage facility.

  • Extending the life of legacy systems

ARDECO understand that it is not always possible to fund an entire replacement of CCTV hardware and infrastructure.

We can advise on the latest encoding software that will allow you to upgrade analogue cameras and the migration to internet transmission. As well as changing recording devices, ARDECO can help you enhance the quality of your existing system efficiently and quickly.

  • Guarantee

As with all ARDECO’s services, we can integrate a variety of systems into your property. We guarantee that our consultation and design services will achieve your goals in the short and long term.

IP Security Systems

Our integrated security system installation is tailor-made for UK company needs.

Keeping your company’s offices secured is something that’s often overlooked. Most UK business owners turn to a professional security system installation only after a major breach.

The right IP security system can save you money!

A security breach will cost you in more ways than one.

Here are some consequences associated with break-ins:

  • Leak of sensitive information
  • Stolen cash
  • Property destruction
  • Loss of reputation


With more than 15 years of experience in this field, AREDECO can help you choose a security system that is reliable, cost-effective, and best suited to your office’s needs.

Types of Access Control Systems You Can Choose from:

1. Access Cards

  • Easy and affordable to issue to staff members and or/contractors
  • Full control of where each cardholder can go
  • Activate and deactivate a card with the touch of a single button
  • The technology works for a single point of access, as well as for multi-door, multi-site applications
  • The cards can be branded with corporate messages, personalised with photos and used for vending machines and canteens

2. Biometric Access Control Systems

  • Choose between fingerprint or retina readers
  • Retina scanning is typically used for high-security applications to control staff movements
  • Fingerprint readers fit single points of access, as well as multi-door, multi-site applications.
  • Full control: after a fingerprint is stored into the management system, you can control which areas it can be used to access

3. Proximity Fobs

  • Use them to open door locks without having to present the fob to a reader
  • Record the movements of your staff members

4. Simpler Solutions

If you’re looking for something less complicated, we can supply you with card swipe controller or a PIN-activated device and an intercom with CCTV built-in.  Your front desk staff can then visually verify who is coming on to your property.

We know that every business has unique security needs. We do our best to provide you with a system that fits your requirements.

5. Entryphone System installations

  • Monitor who enters your building through voice or video verification
  1. Security Barriers and Gate Systems
  • Providing a high level of external security to your premises
  • Protection from unauthorised personnel
  • Protecting your vehicles
  • Creating a solution for traffic control

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Modern systems have come a long way. They now feature full colour, high-resolution rendering which works almost as well at night as they do in the day. This means you can make use of your home CCTV system or business system 24/7.

CCTV is an area we excel at as the cameras can be integrated with all our security systems and linked to remote monitoring stations – even overseas if you require it. It doesn’t need to be hardwired, and wireless CCTV is proving increasingly popular. Not only can it work over Wi-Fi, but it can also be effective over a 4G Mobile Network. ARDECO are also experts at connectivity via laser or microwave over relatively short distances.

Wireless CCTV Installation

At ARDECO we have been helping businesses keep their offices safe with high quality wired and wireless CCTV for more than 15 years.

We make sure that our clients benefit from the best technology available. For London businesses who want to be on top of their security and compliant with current laws and regulations, we recommend and install the best wireless CCTV camera systems.

What Is a Wireless CCTV System?

A wireless CCTV system is made of security cameras that transmit video and audio signals to a wireless receiver, sometimes over Wi-Fi.

You can view all your security audio and video through a monitor in your control room, via the cloud storage which your receiver is connected to. Night vision allows your cameras to be just as clear at night as during the day.

Unlike wired CCTV systems, they are wireless for video and audio transmission, but they do require at least one wire for power. Wireless cameras stop criminals attempting to disable your security feed to break in.

How are wireless security cameras installed?

During our 15 years of experience in the field, we have perfected a process that is easy, efficient and cost-effective.

When you contact us, we will schedule a visit to your property.

Our technical planning team will take measurements and information needed to provide you with the best options for your wireless CCTV system. This is completely FREE and no obligation from you.

After our on-site survey, you will receive a report detailing your best options for a wireless surveillance system, along with our quotes and recommendations.

If you decide to work with ARDECO, we’ll agree on a schedule that involves minimal disruption to your business.

We won’t leave a project until we have finished performing all necessary tests to ensure that your wireless CCTV system works flawlessly.


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