Why choose ARDECO?

We all have the small corner in bedroom, the broad area in living room or useless garage/storage which don’t know what should we do with them. Good news is, ARDECO is here to help you redesign the unusable sphere in bedrooms to a handy closets, turning the broad area of living room to portable benches/cupboards or even turning dusted garage to a little gym. It all depends on what you want and potential of your property.

Our work is not limited to these, our other services are:

  • Constructing and decorating partition walls
  • Cupboards doors and handles
  • Interior and exterior door hanging, installing ore removing
  • Repairing doors and door frame
  • Assembling kitchen floor units
  • Designing and implementing custom and personalised shelving, storage, book case and so many other services.

At ARDECO we are enthusiastic specialists and passionate about what we do. We listen to your ideas, consider your needs, wants and budget. Our aim is to exceed all your expectations, in every aspect of the design and completion of the work. Your total satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we make every effort to achieve that.

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